3 Delicious Grilled Meats in London

It is time to pit down the tongs, bin cremated bangers and leave your garden to the restaurants. London city barbeque is not at home. No matter whether you are craving for quality steak, kebabs and ribs, you can have these carefully cooked to perfection and charge grilled at London restaurants. The heat is cranked up low and slow and high or left beyond wildest meat dreams. Here, we bring to you some of the most sumptuous grilled meats in London City.

Duck Heart Skewers and Lemon Grass ox Heart Skewers at BBQ Dreamz:

If you are in Manchester City then make sure you do visit this Flipino inspired food stall where you can dig into some of the most mouth-watering grilled meat dishes. The ox heart skewers, properly marinated before flamed, and come with spicy cane vinegar. There is very possibility that duck version might have satay treatment. You can order a second round too because they are snack sized.

Pork or Beef Ribs at HotBox:

The beer bottles clink and the music booms and tills alive with an amazing sound of East London’s cash. It is dropped by the bucket load as you can enjoy some of the finest and slow-barbecued meat in London. Served on wooden planks, the meat is cooked by experts. Although you can enjoy any platter, but beef and pork rib give an experience you might cherish for many years to come.

Mechoui Lamb at Berber & Q:

When it comes to lamb mechoui, you do not slice it, you pull it to bits. This is an archetypal type of falling-of-the-bone dish, rubbed half to death with herbs as well as spices, and Moroccan by birth. It is prepared in a wood smoker at Berber & Q instead of being traditionally roasted.

Make sure that you do visit above slated restaurantsin London for delicious meats.