5 Amazing Places to Visit in London before You Die

Prince Charles Cinema:

The Prince Charles Cinema is the only independent cinema preserved in London. It is nestled in the central part of the city and still exudes its brilliance. A cult cinema, the Prince Charles Cinema screens movies on 35mm film. Visiting the cinema and watching a movie is like a lifetime memory. It gives you better experience than watching your favourite movie at Cineworld or Odeon.

The Who Shop:

You may like to include The Who Shop in your itinerary on your next trip to London. It is a retail store selling stuff relating to the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series. You can buy things like comics, DVDs, books and merchandise at the best prices. Explore the museum and check out a great assortment of costumes and props used for the sci-fi series. Though the museum is small, you will come across many wonderful relics of Tardis, Cybermen and Daleks.

The Magic Hour:

If magic fascinates you, if you are enthralled about magic show, you will love the Magic Hour. The Magic Hour is located on Russell Square is a great spot to witness some of the craziest magic tricks in the world. The show generally showcases pictures or images that just evoke your senses. There are limited seats. Make sure you grab one before hitting the city.


Heard this name before? If no, just ask who have tried out ClueQuest – it is definitely fun. There are a great number of escape challenges, riddles and puzzles to face.

Twining Tea Shop and Museum:

For travellers looking for the quintessential tea experience should come here for a lifetime experience. This is a must visit thing in London before you die. The Twinings Tea Shop and Museum allows its customers to go back in time.