5 Best London Wine Bars

If you have not tried wine in London then you have tried nothing. Charms visitors with its awe-striking attractions, astounding range of shops and restaurants and many historic landmarks, London remains a top holiday destination in the world. To appease visitors, numerous bars have built up over the years. This particular blog illustrates the best London wine bars for you.

Bar Pepito:

London’s original sherry and tapas bar is Bar Pepito. If you are a fan of Spanish wines, cheeses and cured meats then this rustic Andalusian-style bar is the best place to be. Having a glass of wine in here is like nowhere else in the entire British Isles. The inside atmosphere is so energetic. With aplomb and pride, Bar Pepito rules the dark wood and the stainless steel, rising to fame instantly.Check out its sweet varieties also. You will love them.

The Sampler:

The Sampler is not just a wine bar, but an award winning independent wine merchant with eighty wines to sample at one time. This is probably why The Sampler is one of the favourite stops to have a glass of wine in London. Sit down for an evening drink or just sample a fine merlot, the staff of The Sampler will be happy to serve you immediately. While the drink quality is great, the service and convenience is simply awesome. Luxury seekers should find a way to The Sampler.


Being one of the oldest in the city, Gordon’s makes a wonderful London city bar. This is a nineteenth century bar in candlelit, vaulted cellars with excellent Dickensian-style décor. Tucked away in a cellar, the eclectic atmosphere exudes such feelings that would take you back in the past. No matter how old is this or how outdated the wine bar is, Gordon’s remains an outstanding place with drinkers.


Earned a coveted name as a fantastic place to have a glass of wine, Vinoteca remains occupied almost every day. The number of customers gets double and triple in weekend. Enjoy your favourite drink, you never know you might get partners joining you and starting a light, delightful conversation.


Dego overwhelms customers with a wide assortment of cocktails and wine along with some main courses including Italian antipasti dishes. Dego wine bar has a magnificent terrace with a plenty space for people to sit and relax. Its interiors are scintillating. The wine at Dego usually costs expensive.