Bonbonniere London is the newest as well as ultimate addition to the Mayfair members-only nightclub. It was launched just a couple of weeks ago; but this high end club scene in London has been bringing a freshly new concept of “sexy luxurious sweet shop”. Don’t need to get left behind as this brand new club will make incredible population with London’s A-list club goers circle. So, choose Bonbonniere London guestlist to see what the club is all about and be the judge.

Bonbonniere nightclub is all set to stand out on the top among its competitors and while offering incredible unique in terms of a concept. Being a true celebrity favourite hangout spot, Tinie Tempah, and Nicole Scherzinger have all made their appearances here. Bonbonniere strive to bring high level of fun, opulence and class all under an exclusive roof.

Bonbonniere London interiors are strongly influenced by the infamous Fabergé Egg, who are the same people behind The Armani Hotel. It has never been seen before not just in London but across the world. The team behind its construction have come from some of London’s biggest names; which are being steered by Joe Fournier who’s at the same time has reputation for bringing the very best out of the high end nightclubs. With having over 2000 square feet of luxurious interior and modern LED lighting system, be sure to get what Bonbonniere has to be seen to be believed.

So be ready to spend your money on Bonnonniere whichis so posh, they have even served the world’s most spicy and exquisite cocktail, which comes in a Swarovski-encrusted Fabergé Egg replica at a price tag of £35,000. This place can be a perfect choice for the beloved clubbing enthusiasts who love to get the tag of big-spenders.

The expensive cocktail has included a Jeroboam of Armand de Brignac champagne, two bottles of Imperial Collection Russian vodka, Luxardo maraschino cherry liqueur and a side of beluga caviar. And if this isn’t enough for you, then you can be served with a unique blend of a delicate diamond necklace.

Bonnonniere London dress code will be nothing short as the other Mayfair members only nightclubs. Just you need to remember these words like glamourous, sophisticated, sexy – then you are all set for enjoying a spectacular clubbing night. There is no casual attire, flats or trainors allowed. Ladies should always wear heels whereas the gentlemen in their leather shoes.