The Ultimate Paradise of Manchester Clubs: Harrington Club

Harrington Club is a chic and elegant setting located in South Kensington. The Harrington Club has made itself as one of the most prestigious venues throughout West London among members and previous guests proudly including many popular celebrities, royal and literary persons of great importance across Europe. Don’t be left behind, come and enjoy partying with us.

Harrington Bar is an exquisite boutique bar and club just like the stones thrown from the South Kensington tube. Situated right at the centre on the buzzing and vibrant social network of London, The Harrington Club can be no more accessible for early evening drinks and late night cocktails. There is even an innovative touch of secrecy about this bar, which is perfectly hidden away from the masses but packing a big party punch. Harrington Bar even features intimate nooks, secretive rooms and plentiful spaces for booking a party. The decor has the unique features of red glass motifs, modern and stylish seating facilities and a few quirky oriental twists that will give an amazing touch of glamour.

The extraordinary atmosphere at The Harrington Club can only be described by the most sophisticated ambience with the amazing oriental contemporary twist. The Harrington Club has the stunning feel about it with lush surrounding; which have made this place a perfect venue for enjoyable private gatherings, birthdays and also the one-off club nights. You can visit for some relaxing after work drinks and can catch up with friends or head over here when the local pubs and bars close up shop because Harrington Bar proudly boasts a 3am licence; therefore, late-night partying in Kensington will be now possible. You can even hire a bar with reasonable minimum spends for those people who are looking for a perfect party location to celebrate to the fullest.

With the exclusive discreet entrance from the outside The Harrington Club, it will look as the boutique but when you will step through the doors and down the stairs; it will reveal a surprisingly spacious layout; that can easily accommodate up to 150 guests. With having the license, The Harrington Club is now offering rocking club nights on Friday and Saturday; that aims to compete with the neighbours, namely Boujis which has carved out a very successful niche.

Make a reservation today and enjoy partying with your close buddies!