Top 2 of London’s Best Walking Tours

Have you strolled the streets and paraded parks? If yes, then now it’s time to discover the different sides of London with these alternative city walks.

If you are a true Londoner, then you must not just go for a walk but also you should go on an action packed urban ambling. Here, we have discussed two different routes with more to offer than just a chance to put a foot in front of the other.

The Canal Walk

You just pretend yourself that you are in Amsterdam and wander around the six miles canal square of London’s canal system; which is a marvel of industrial engineering. Well, over 200 years, it is no longer a commercial artery into the heart of London from the countryside but instead of this it has become a network of pleasant waterside paths. Being submerged in shopping trolleys, it’s still very pleasant. There are the loads of London that you can able to enjoy with our ultimate list of things to do in London. We have picked up restaurants, cafes and gastropubs in London which has guaranteed to satisfy you. See our area guides to explore the best bit on the Soho Best Bars at Soho’s best pub in Soho Gay.

The Dawn Chorous Walk

Start your day with the chirpy song Canal crawl pretend that you are in Amsterdam. To get the best of London, you must want to see the hundred best shops in London which willextend your wish list in no time. Well,tohand, urists will be going to.on the other. Tourists love to go the West End shows and eventhe media professionals are marching to work, hungry patrons which has samples of London’s best restaurants and after all, most people looking to have a long night. Out of all the available choices, you just need to walk aound the city and enjoy the extremely bright night out through out London.

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