Top 3 Amazing Nightlife Venues in Mayfair and Marylebone

Usually, the nightlife in Manchester is as busy as its day life, as it has one of the incredible music clubbing scenes throughout the country. And with one of the UK’s largest student populations, there’s no end to exclusive student nights. In fact, you’ll be completely spoilt for choice for sure.
If you will prefer a quieter night out, then the bars in Manchester may range from cosy and unique through to downright outlandish. If you will opt for a more cultural outlook, then there is a wide selection of theatres, museums and picture houses; that will keep everyone entertained during your visit in Manchester.


With the big, smart, old-school, and a little on the brash side, the Audley can make up in a completely friendly atmosphere that it lacks in charm. There’s even an incredible selection of beer on tap, and so it’s far enough to being away from the tourist hot spots that, on the perfect day, it can offer an ultimate feel like a village pub.

Punch Bowl

Located in a tranquil corner of Mayfair, this cozy little Punch Bowl has equipped with a wood floor and well spoken staffs, dressed in pale checked shirts. The pub has dated from 1750 and the elegant interior has remained steadfastly in an old fashioned manner, with the amazing painting of Churchill, candles, polished dark wood, and engraved windows. Try out this place’s eponymous ale; that is specially made in Scotland by Caledonian. An exclusive dining area located at the rear buzzes on the lunchtime with locals; that will be best option for those people who have come for the upscale English pub grub.

Claridge’s Bar

This elegant Mayfair meeting place has remained as the unpretentious venues; as it always brims with beautiful people. The bar has equipped an art deco heritage; that are made hip by the exclusive, sophisticated touch of designer David Collins. Even, there is a library of rare champagnes and brandies as well as a delicious selection of both traditional and exotic cocktails. So try out the Flapper or the Black Pearl; that will occupy your taste buds for sure. Even you can request here a glass of vintage Cristal in the darkly moody Fumoir.