Top 3 best Martial Arts Centre in London

Chang’s Hapkido Academy

It’s the martial art school of Grandmaster Gedo Chang; which specializes in offering classes for self-defence, confidence, fitness and balance.

The traditional Korean martial art of Hapkido has been made up of three ingredients ‘hap’- coordination of body and mind, ‘ki’- the inner energy and ‘do’- a self-controlled and displined life. This martial arts centre is far more defensive than other eastern fighting forms and specilaizing in teaching the students how to subdue an opponent without causing any severe injury. They admit that in order to defend yourself against their punches, kicks and other aggressive manoeuvres, you have to learn them first.

Gedo Chang has established his empire of martial arts schools near Chicago and opened his first venture in London in 2001. He personally involves in training all his head instructors and goes on a visit to the schools in a regular manner. This centre remain open five days a week and offers classes for groups and individuals of all ages.

Tang Long

Located at the North West London, this martial arts school run by the Shaolin Master Shifu Heng Wei. This school has been serving for more than 9 years and offering classes to both adults and children of age 5 as well as one to one personal training. Shifu Heng Wei is a Master of 35th Generation wo began his training at the age of six. With having 24 year’s experience, he has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, Ba Ji Quan, Acrobatics, Tai Chi and Sanshou (Chines Boxing).

The London Academy of Krav Maga

Several high profile aficionados like J-Lo and Anjelina Jolie was included in the contribution of Israel’s martial arts, which are still unknown to the general public.

Krav Maga means Contact Combat in Hebrew language was actually devised by Imi Lichtenfeld, a multitalented fighter who was orinally from Slovakia. This centre offers a highly refined, street fighting techniques which differs from othe martial arts. Instead ofendeavouring to restrain your natural instincts, you should learn how to exploit them.

He organizes a friendly team of inatructors to give the classes in different locations throughout the capital city for all age groups. The kick boxing and a mix of martial art classes are also available for you.