Top 3 Nightclubs in London for Lesbian and Gay

If you want to get spoilt, there is no other destination than London. The city has a long list of clubs that scattered throughout the area. London nightclubs are further categorised to serve different kinds of people. While clubs that are designed to meet the demands of straight people are in plenty, clubs designed for gays and lesbians are not in scarce. Below are mentioned the top places to hit if you maintain same-sex relationship.

Barcode Vauxhall:

One of the top-notch clubs in London for gay people is Barcode Vauxhall. This is a majestic club from outside. As you enter the club, you will be given a warm welcome. The club is thronged by gays from various parts of the city. Not only locals, but visitors also come in large numbers to cool off. Barcode Vauxhall has a nice dance floor, a fantastic sound system and two bars.

Dalston Superstore:

What a crowd! Yes, you would say this as you enter the club. The venue is located in the prime location, close to many famous London attractions. The club is very friendly for gay couples. You can bring your artsy and gay friends who love to adorn in the most stylish manner. Besides, you can embed yourself with the funkiest as well as trendiest outfits to become the centre of attraction.


Blush is actually a mixture – cafe and bar. Coming here you will feel the tensions drifting away. It is the only lesbian bar in London in the region of Stoke Newington. The good part about this particular venue is that it gives a warm welcome to straight and gay customers. Since it welcomes everyone, you can see it getting more and more crowd as the night grows.