Top 4 Activities to Do on Sunday Afternoon

Unlike other cities that usually slow their bustling or lively pace, London indulges in a more rapturous and overjoyed atmosphere. But exploring London on a Sunday afternoon involves a lot of fun – that also highly dependent on its volatile weather. If the weather is fine, you will have a bunch of amazing things to do, ranging from trying your hands at the authentic English food to tasting the neighbourhood wines at its famous bars.

Let’s have a glance at the best of things that one would love to get indulged in on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Roast:

For visitors wishing to embrace the local culture, an excellent, leisurely lunch seems to the best thing to try out. Grab an excellent London restaurant to eat the main course that usually includes roast beef, pork, lamb, roasted potatoes, cabbage and gravy. Order sticky toffee pudding if you want to try dessert.

An Afternoon Show:

How can you miss an afternoon show while taking a tour of London? London is home to some of the finest theatres where star-studded popular shows are performed. The shows are basically of humorous, tragic and drama. You will likely come across your favourite stars under one roof, demonstrating skills to make you look pleased.

Boat Ride:

What better way to mark a romantic trip in the capital city than taking a cruise on the River Thames? Though London is not Paris that does not mean travellers cannot find a way to rekindle their love. To take a boat trip, the weather has to be simply great.

Walk Tour:

Had a heavy lunch? Take a lazy stroll by making the most out of the vibrant streets. There are various walking tours offered by various companies. Choose a right company and see what you can explore.