Top 4 Art Exhibitions in London

If you love to watch an art showon this weekend but you have no idea where to go and what to look? If yes, then look no further. You can’t be go wrong if you will head over to one of our top 4 favourite art exhibitions; that has been taking place throughout the capital right now. If you’re after the latest art scene in London that has to offer, then you should try out our art exhibition choices.

The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay

It’s something that Tate does very well i.e. to offer an unsung artistic genius the recognition it assures. And Sonia Delaunay, the famous Russian artist who found her avant garde voice in Paris at the beginning of the last century, should be luxurious with much appreciation as her extraordinary output deserves. If you don’t want to fly the feminist banner too high, but this woman had offer an abstract of ultimate flair, which she has successfully applied to art, interiors and fashion.


With the fair hair, tweed clad, a nice lad, Eric Ravilious has looked like he could have bicycled straight out of one of his exclusively own painting; perhaps you will wave to the stout cook outside ‘The Vicarage’ (1935) as he has hastened home for tea to crusty bread and flowers on the table. His attractions are the uniquely comforting vision of Britishness (like the Englishness, really, and southern England) in the 1930s. A timeless one with its amazing chalk giants and white horses are carved into rolling Wiltshire hills and the South Downs.

Bruce Conner: Crossroads

Bruce Conner’s ‘Crossroads’ is one of the most stunning, most mesmerising films that you are ever likely to see and even not to mention that it’s one of the most terrifying, as well as one of the most banal. Established in 1976, it comprises of archival footage of a nuclear explosion conducted by the US military 30 years earlier and being a part of their famous tests with the Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean; in which there is an atomic weapon, being equivalent to 23,000 tons of TNT (similar to the bomb dropped the previous year on Nagasaki), was detonated up to 90 feet below the ocean’s surface.

Duane Hanson

There are lots of people you will find in Duane Hanson’s show; that don’t include the gallery goers. A cowboy is even propped against the wall by the entry. A lady usually sits at an ad hoc yard sale encircled by paintings and books.