Top 4 Sightseeing Sights To Add In Your London Tour

London, one of the most visited sites of India has something for everyone. From art to architecture, history to culture, London is a fully packed destination with sight-packed explorations and wide open spaces and leafy escapes.

British Museum

Established in 1753, the spectacular British Museum has remarkable collections of two millions years of human history. Make comparison of the treasures between the treasures of the world’s cultures under a roof. World popular things like Rosetta stone, Egyptian mummies and Parthenon sculptures are visited by up to six million visitors every year. In addition to the wide permanent collection, special exhibitions, displays and events of the museum are designed to understand the collection and cultures they represent.

National Gallery

Over the 2,000 Western European paintings from the middle ages to 20th century, this National Gallery offers a chance to discover the inspiring art by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Turner, Renoir, Van Gogh, Botticellu and Gainsborough which collections are belonging to public and admission fee free to see them. Even, there are wide arrays of special exhibitions, lectures, video and audio-visual programmes, guided tours and holiday events well-suited for adults and children.

Natural History Museum

With the hundreds of interactive and exciting exhibitions, National History Museum is one of the most remarkable landmark buildings throughout London. The top highlights of this spectacular museum include the most popular Dinosaurs gallery, mammals display with the memorable model blue whale and the mind-blowing Central Hall.

If you are visiting National History Museum, then don’t miss out the state-of-art Darwin Centre Cocoon on a self-guided tour. However, you can able to see hundreds of fascinating specimen and look into the laboratories where the scientists work. Moreover, this museum offers wide arrays of temporary exhibition programmes and events.

Coca-Cola London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye is located at the centre of the capital city and elegantly flowing over the river Thames opposite to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The Coca-Cola London Eye is world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel; now it has become one of the latest symbols representing the capital city and a global icon. The experience of visiting here will showcase the breathtaking views of the capital and the well-known landmarks. That’s the reason why it has been one of the top visitor’s experiences in the city for years.

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