Top 5 Amazing Venues for Enjoyable Nightlife in London

There isn’t even one and only London nightlife scene; after all there are lots of them that you will find in London. As long as there are crowds for the teenage rock bands, Dickensian-style pubs, comedy cabarets, and “bodysonic” dance nights, no doubt they will create clubs and venues for them in London. London has become an incredible utopia for joyous junkies, culture friends, and those who simply love to put like to party.

100 Club

From the establishment of small club in 1942, lots of great selection has been playing here, from Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong to spectacular The Who and the Sex Pistols. There was even an enjoyable closure in 2010 by a campaign led by Sir Paul McCartney, now the space reverberates to jazz, ’60s R&B, and northern soul.

12 Bar Club

This small but rough-and-ready acoustic club even hosts many of the shows of notable singers and songwriters. Four different acts of new folk, modern country, blues, and even ska and punk can perform here each night in an intimate venue. There’s even a good selection of bottled beer and gastropub food; that you will find here.

Ain’t Nothin’ but…The Blues Bar

This is a quite sweaty, fun place; which does exactly that its name actually suggests. Local musicians, as well as many notable names, squeeze onto the small stage and there’s even an amazing bar food of the chili-and-gumbo selection. Most of the weekday nights; there’s no cover.

Amused Moose

This incredible Soho basement or retro nightclub is most often considered as the best place to witness the breaking talent as well as household names; that has been doing “secret” shows. Ricky Gervais, Eddie Izzard, and Russell Brand are among those people who have graced the stage, and every summer there is plentiful Edinburgh Fringe comedian preview you will get here. The bar opens late (and serves delicious food), and there’s even a DJ and dancing after the show. Tickets are often discounted; if you will take a printout from their website, and the shows are mainly on Saturday.

Comedy Store

Known as the ultimate origin of alternative comedy, this is the place where the United Kingdom’s funniest stand-ups have cut their teeth before launched into prime-time TV. Comedy Store Players, a team with six famous comedians doing improvisation with audience suggestions, will entertain on Wednesday and Sunday; even the Cutting Edge steps in every Tuesday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have even offered the best stand-up acts. There’s also a splendid bar with food.