Top 5 Outdoor Exercise Classes in London

Are you looking to enjoy the work out in the great outdoors while looking at the sunshine? If yes, then join our list of best outdoor exercise classes to get the ultimate breath of fresh air while attending a work out session.

Rooftop Hula Hooping Classes

This class will tone your hip and waist and can burn up to 600 calories and on a scale of full sport to fun. If just in case, you have joined on hula hooping, then this cheerful fitness class will take place beside the rooftop hotel at the Berkeley health Club and Spa that means your work out session will come with additional fresh air and all star views. The fitness experts will let you learn techniques like ‘The Vortex’ and ‘Booty Bump’ in order to work every bit of your body.

Free Pilaletes at Cabbages and Frocks Market

Extend your way through this firm exercise classes at the middle of gentle market in Marylebone. This is a free, hour long sessions which will take place on grass. So, it’s recommended to bring a towel pr mat if you don’t feel quite perfect to being close to the nature. There is no booking required; all you need to do is to arrive early.

Hip Hop Yoga

Just take the salutations of sun outside at the rooftop of Netil360 and even pop up have introduced another element to this class i.e. Hip Hop. These are the much more challenging and fast paced open air sessions which will commence monthly on the summer days combining with the energetic western music and the relaxing eastern asanas.

Get Fit For Free

This is a hour long and early morning boot camp classes in the spectacular riverside setting of The Scoop amphitheatre which can surely make your heart pounding and not only that it won’t cost you a little penny. All fitness levels mixes with callisthenics and body weight exercises along with intervals and strength training. As the space is limited; so you need to arrive a bit early. Just remember that take sufficient water and towel.

Spitalfields E1 Tea Dance

Enroll into the new Covent Garden Dance Orchestra in the Crispin Place for some amazing footwork to the music from 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Dancers with all abili8ties are welcome. Well, the styles include foxtrots, quicksteps and cha-chas. Free tea will served you at 1.30pm.