Top 5 Weird London Museums That You Never Know About

The Cartoon Museum

It’s located only a few blocks away from the British Museum, where you can witness over 5,000 books as well as 4,000 comics with the exclusive travel exhibitions of cartoons, comic strips, animation and cariatures.

Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is an amazing phrase; you will find here everything. Being filled with everyday materials dated back to the 1800s to the present, this is a time machine of soap, cereal, cosmetics, and candy bars.  See what the Kit Kats have looked like in the 1930s and how the boxes of makeup were being designed in the 1890s.

The Fan Museum

This is an amazing place; which has a lot of fans. In fact, it’s the only museum throughout the world; which are dedicated to fans, with having over 3,500 dated back to the 11th century. Fans are being used for more than the pre-electric air-conditioning, and there used to be a whole language being developed from holding techniques and flutters, which would be totally helpful day by day.

Freud Museum

Being a home to probably the most famous couch throughout the history, this was even the family house where Sigmund Freud was analyzed minds after he was fled Austria in the year 1939. Having been lived in by his daughter up to 44 years, his parlour is still packed with the amazing quality cabinets, statues, books, and of course, that well-known couch.

London’s Sewing Machine Museum

While we may take the seams in our clothes for approval, as there is a lot of care which has gone into the innovative creation. Being an incredible part of the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company, check out its ultimate evolution of both domestic as well as the industrial machines of over 700 types, including an example of the first Singer machine.